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1999-2010 VW MK4 Jetta/Golf Custom Mudflaps

1999-2010 VW MK4 Jetta/Golf Custom Mudflaps

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Volkswagen Mark 4 Jetta/Golf custom mudflaps. Made these for myself to make the old car look more presentable in the area they always seem to rust first. Used for months without issue, uses factory mounting holes, and has built in drains for water removal.

The Mini Rocker Guards were requested for lowered cars. They are the same as the front Mudflaps, without the mudflap part. They still include the water drain and a cutout for the fender liner, and stay above the frame rail. They are the last 2 pictures. 



-Put the mudflap between the wheel and fender.

-Line up the tab in the middle of the mudflap with the slot on the bottom of the fender.

-Push toward the back of the car till it clicks into place.

-Insert screws, hold tight to body, tighten screws.


Made from industrial grade ASA.

These are 3D printed, so they do have small characteristics that come with 3d printing. If you desire a perfectly smooth finish they can easily be sanded and painted.

Fits: Mk4 Golfs and Jettas. Including city models.

V2: Minor updates based on customer feedback.

Made in Canada.

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